Our Barceloning card gives you access to some of the best and unbeatable exclusive discounts in Barcelona.

We guarantee that no other nightlife card in Barcelona gets you the same discounts as the Barceloning card.

What do you get?

  • At Clubs: The best conditions to Barcelona’s best nightclubs. Free entry, free dinners, exclusive events, complimentary drinks and insane discounts
  • At Bars: We’ve partnered with your favourite bars in the city to get you the best loyalty discounts. Anything from a top discount to unlimited happy hours to free shots with everything you order! Your whole night is covered!
  • Convenience: Our partnered clubs recognize the Barceloning Card holders as their most loyal customers. You get to skip lines and enter for free until much later than the regular guest lists you know and love.

Incredible value

The Barceloning Card is a longterm, one-time purchase which is valid for an entire calendar year! You’ll save expensive 20 Euro cover charges at clubs countless times. You’ll get plenty of complimentary drinks at your chosen bars.

All this for the unbeatable price of 10€ for one year.


How much is the card?

The card is only 10€. It is a one-time payment and is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Can you mail the card to my house?

Yes. During the check-out process, pick the Delivery option. The cost of shipping is 2€.

How can I use the card?

You just need to present the card to the bouncers at the club and the cashiers at the bars.

Can my friends use the card as well?

No. The card must be used by the person whose name is on the card.

our partners

We work only with the best of the best of the best. Check out the discounts the Barceloning card offers.



25% discount on food
+ Happy hour all night long


15% discount on food and drinks

george payne

A free shot for every bill more than 5€

hot bar

Order a drink and get a shot for free


2€ discount on every drink

espit chupitos

Buy a shot and get a shot for free

taberna del espit

Self-made drinks for 3€
Cocktail Jars for 10€
Shots for 2€

l'ovella negra

10% discount on your bill



Free entry until 2:30 with the Barceloning card and the Barceloning Guest List

la fira provenca

Free entry until 02:00 on Thursdays with the Barceloning card and 01:30 with the Barceloning Guest List + Skip the Line

la fira villarroel

Free entry until 02:00 on Fridays and Saturdays + Skip the Line


Free entry every night until 2:00
+ Skip the Line


Free entry until 02:00


Free entry until 01:00 Sundays to Thursdays / 3€ discounts on Fridays and Saturdays


Free entry until 02:00


10€ entry until 02:00
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