Barcelona Nightlife: A Guide to the Best Bars

A to Z of Barcelona's Best Bars: Top 10 Picks

In the heart of Catalonia lies Barcelona, a city teeming with dynamic, welcoming bars. Whether you’re seeking a well-crafted cocktail, a lively crowd, or a quiet nook for a tranquil evening, Barcelona’s bar scene is as diverse as it is engaging. Here’s an alphabetical guide to the
top 10 bars in the city. And if you’re a student, you might want to check out Studentfy, a platform offering exciting discounts in these venues.

1. Alquimia cocktail

This spot is renowned for its cozy atmosphere and an impressive selection of cocktails. Part of the BN Grup, Alquimia and other venues like Jardinet del Born, Jardinet d’Aribau, SodaBus, Trafalgar Pizza Club, Verne, Skyfall, offer a 10% discount with the Studentfy card.

2. Belushi's Bar

A haven for sports enthusiasts, Belushi’s offers live sports broadcasts, a vibrant atmosphere, and a great food and drink selection. With Studentfy, you can enjoy 25% off on food, happy hour all night, and San Miguel pints for just 3.5€.

3. Bus Terraza

If you appreciate the great outdoors, Bus Terraza should be on your radar. This open-air bar offers a wide array of drinks and a free shot with any drink purchase with the Studentfy card.

4. Clubhaus

A unique concept in Barcelona, Clubhaus is a playground for adults with food, drinks, and entertainment all under one roof. It offers a 10% discount to Studentfy cardholders.

5. Cocovail

A haven for craft beer enthusiasts, Cocovail pairs their excellent selection with mouth-watering chicken wings. With Studentfy, you can enjoy
a 15% discount on both food and drinks.

6. Enrollao

This modern bar is known for its diverse cocktail menu and atmospheric interior. Enjoy a 10% discount at Enrollao with your Studentfy card.

7. Michael Collins

This authentic Irish pub serves traditional Irish beverages and food. With Studentfy, you get a 15% discount on food and drinks.

8. Old Irish Pub

Serving a slice of Ireland in Barcelona, the Old Irish Pub boasts a fantastic atmosphere and extensive drinks menu. Studentfy cardholders can enjoy multiple deals,including 5€ long drinks and 3.5€ Heineken pints.

9. Taberna del Espit

Known for its lively atmosphere, Taberna del Espit offers a variety of beers, long drinks, and more, with special Studentfy discounts.

10. The Room

This intimate bar has a varied drink selection perfect for a laid-back night out. Studentfy cardholders get a free shot and a 10% discount.

These exceptional bars in Barcelona offer more than just beverages; they provide memorable experiences. If you’re a student, consider getting a Studentfy card to maximize your enjoyment in these venues. Cheers to discovering Barcelona’s vibrant nightlife!

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