Catwalk Dress Code for Men and Women

Catwalk is one of the most exclusive club in Barcelona located a few meters away from the beach. In the club you will find a mix of the international crowd and locals partying to some R’n’B’, Hip Hop and Reggaeton.

The club has three uniques rooms where you can enjoy the different type of music that is chosen, we personally recommend you the R’n’B’ one as it a good representation of Barcelona’s nightlife.

Men’s Dress Code


For Catwalk, you will need to dress to impress in order to enjoy Barcelona’s nightlife. Invest in a nice plain button-up shirt or a well-fitting polo with neutral colors

As for pants, avoid highly ripped/distressed jeans and opt for classy and dark slacks.  Definitely do not wear no-loose khakis or sirwals as you will never enter.

If you are not dressed properly you might  run into issues getting in especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights as usual in the clubs in Barcelona.


One of the main reason why people get denied is due to their shoes that do not fit the image of the club. Make sure your shoes are clean, stylish and chic. You may enter with some classy sneakers, but it really depends on the bouncers.


Make sure your hair is clean, washed and groomed well. A hairstyle is something that bouncers are very picky about too, they do not like something too extravagant for men.


Honestly, we ourselves haven’t heard that someone was rejected entry to Catwalk because of their accessories.

Keep it clean and simple. You can never go wrong with some classic watches with stainless steel or leather wristband. As for the jewelry, it’s ok to have a necklace that’s not too revealing.


Normal, tasteful tattoos aren’t a problem to get in. You might encounter some issues if you have neck or face tattoos as the bouncer won’t probably let you enter the club as it doesn’t fit the image. 

Women’s Dress Code


As a girl it is much easier to enter Catwalk, compared to guys. Aim for something high class and sophisticated with colors such as red, black or white would be the safest option. Avoid something too revealing.


Most girls opt for a dress or a skirt in Catwalk,  but classy and chic slacks can look good with a silk top and a blazer. Avoid highly ripped/distressed jeans as the bouncer will probably deny you entry.


This is similar to what applies to guys as well. You aren’t required to wear high heels but certainly no flip-flops or running shoes. If you want something more casual a stylish pair of sneaker, All-Star Converse or Vans shoes.


As for your make-up, less is more. You don’t want to overdo it. A touch of foundation, concealer and mascara should do the magic.


Girls can get more creative than guys with their hair and they usually have a privilege. Any style is fine but we should warn you about having a rasta hair


There is no much limit to it. Keep it clean and classy and there will not be any problem.


Stylish tattoos are not an issue at all, unless it is on the face. As a matter of fact, we never heard of a women not being allowed to enjoy Barcelona’s nightlife because of her tattoos.

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