La Fira Dress Code for Men and Women

Both La Fira Villarroel and Provença are some of the best clubs in Barcelona to enjoy  a Reggaeton party. The two nightclubs are filled with locals, people from Latin America or any Latin Music lovers every weekend. 

Here is our guide on how to dress appropriately when going to La Fira Villarroel or Provença. 

Men’s Dress Code


The dress code for La Fira is Smart Casual. We highly recommend you to wear a button up shirt and trousers, thus do not forget that they have to be comfy enough to let you dance. It goes without saying that if you wear shorts, beachwear and sports attire the bouncers will have to deny you the entry to the nightclub. 


Well dressed feet are a must, plus it stays a very important feature in a Reggaeton party. Fancy sneakers will make the cut, but it is obvious that regular sneakers or sandals will not be permitted in the nightclub as bouncers pay close attention to details. 


An impeccable outfits goes with a neat haircut. It is best to come with a clean hairstyle and groomed facial hair. Any hairstyle that is too messy, or shaved on  the side with long on the top will not enable you to enter and enjoy Barcelona’s nightlife.


Keep it clean and simple. You can never go wrong with some classic watches with stainless steel or leather wristband. As for jewelry, it’s ok to have a necklace that’s not too revealing.


Bouncers are relatively nice about the tattoos as long as it is not on your face. If you have any stylish tattoos and or sleeves, you are more than welcome to both La Fira as you will see many other clubbers with it. 

Women’s Dress Code


Smart and elegant dress code. We recommend you to wear a dress either black, red or white as you will display your Reggaeton moves. However a fancy skirt and a top will be fine too. The same as for mens,  beachwear, sport attires and ripped jeans are forbidden from the club.


Is it really a Reggaeton party without a stunning pair of heels? If you are not feeling the heels we recommend you to have some fancy sneakers, as regular sneakers, flip-flops and sandals are not permitted in the club. 


As for your make-up, less is more. You don’t want to overdo it. A touch of foundation, concealer and mascara should do the magic, the bouncers are pretty loose on the subject.


If you are going to dance to some Reggaeton we recommend you to have your hair up in some fancy braids or with a dressy hair accessory as it would match your clothing.


There is no much  limit to it. Keep it clean and classy and there will not be any problem.


Tattoos are considered to be a work of art, which are more than welcome in one of the best Reggaeton party in Barcelona. Bouncers will not mind them, and always let you in unless it is on your face. 


Free Entry to La Fira Provença and Villarroel

Now that you know how to dress better for La Fira, and that you are ready to enjoy Barcelona’s Nightlife? 

You can sign up on La Fira Provença Guest List and enter for a free entry until 1:30  every Thursday.

If you are more of a week-end person you are welcome to sign up on the La Fira Villarroel Guest List for free entry until 02:00 every Friday & Saturday.

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