La Gozadera: The Best Latin Party in Barcelona

La Gozadera has to be one of the best Reggaeton party in Barcelona. It takes place every Thursday at La Fira Provença, ideally located a few blocks away from Plaça Universitat.

An Ideal Location

Being hosted in La Fira Provença, La Gozadera is only a block away from La Taberna del Espit and Espit Chupitos. Two well known bars for their shots and cocktails that will get you started for your night. You will be able to order pints of Mojitos, Sex on Beach and many others drinks. 

Dress Code for Men and Women

Always check the dress code before going to a club, especially in Barcelona. For La Gozadera we recommend you to wear smart casual outfit as a men or smart elegant outfit as a women. White or black will always convince the bouncer to let you in, but if you need more detailed informations check out our detailed blog about La Fira Dress Code.

A Latine Vibe

While entering the Nightclub, you will go through a long corridor with tons of mirrors before entering the best latin party in Barcelona. You will immediately notice that the club is designed around the dance floor with the three different bars surrounding the crowd dancing. This nightclub is all about having enough space for people to dance, while having a few spots around the bar to drink. 

An Espit Chupitos in a club

Yes you read it right, La Gozadera does have a Espit Chupitos within the club making La Fira the club with the most variety of shots in Barcelona. You will find any type of shots that you want from the marshmallow one to the fiery ones. We personally recommend you to try the “Monika Lewinski Shot” to get your night started.

More than just Raggaeton

One of the most well known type of music from Latin America found it’s home in La Gozadera every Thursday. You will dance to some of the most hype music of the moment from Bad Bunny, Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee and J Balvin. The DJ always balance his songs between the hit that just came out and the classic Reggaeton that never get olds.

The Best Reggaeton Dancers in Barcelona

What really makes La Gozadera the best Latino party in Barcelona is the crowd that is present every week. There are people from every country from Latin America making it the easiest place in Barcelona to find a partner that knows how to dance to Reggaeton. Internationals from all around the world are more than welcome as Reggaeton lovers like to teach how to dance to their favorite music.

Free Entry every Thursdays

What a better way to enjoy Barcelona’s nightlife than for free. With Barceloning Guest List you will be able to access the club for free until 1:30 every Thursday and to enjoy one of the best Reggaeton party in Barcelona.