The Barceloning Card: Everything you need to know

It all started a few years ago when Barceloning realized that Barcelona had no “fidelity card” for their bars or nightclub. There were no special treatment for people that would come back more often to the same place an so on. It is when we decided to create the Barceloning Card in collaboration with many bars and nightclubs in the city. 

What are the privileges of being a card holder?

You will have plenty ! Depending on the places that you go to you will have free drinks, discounts on food or you will be able to skip the line at some of the best clubs while entering for free.

Bars – Some of the most famous and crowded bars in the city are partners with us. As a cardholder you will have a free shot every bills over 5€ at The George Payne. Belushi’s will give you a 25% discount on the food and their artisanal beer. At L’ovella Negra you will have a 10% discount on anything within the bar from food to shirts. 

Clubs – You will have free entry until later than non card holders for most place. The time of having to sign up online to get your free entry is over, all you need to do it to have your card with you and to show it to the bouncer. Plus at some places like La Fira Villarroel and Otto Zutz you will be able to pass the queue and directly enter the club for free. Lastly, one of the best advtange is that you will be able to go to La Gozadera for free every Thursday and the Barceloning card is the only way to be able to do so.

Now that I have told you much more about what the card has to offer you might be wondering how much does it cost per month? Well it’s not even a mentally payment but rather a one time yearly fee of 10€. You only have to purchase your Barceloning card once a year to be able to advantages to more 20 bars and clubs.

A typical week with the Barceloning Card

My weeks may differ following my schedule, but I still have some routine that I started to have due to the Barceloning Card and one year later they sticked with me and my group of friends.

Monday – You will always be able to find us at Belushi’s around 8pm eating there, the 25% discount make the place a must when it comes to eating nachos and burger. Then at 10pm their weekly Beer Pong tournament starts and me and my friends play every week.

Thursday – Most of the time I go eat to CocoVail in the evening, we get a 15% discount with the Barceloning card. Then, like every Thursdays you will find me at La Gozadera enjoying Reggeaton like in no other clubs.

Friday/Saturday – I never go out both days, but I decide to go out, the bar will depend on what club do we plan on going. If we go to Sutton or Otto Zutz we usually go to Espit Chupitos or Hot Bar. Meanwhile when we go to Opium, Pacha or Bestial we rather go to The George Payne where we 

How to get the card

There are a few option that comes in handy when you want to get the Barceloning Card You can either buy it online, and not later than a few days later you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of it. The second option would be to come to our weekly event that we have at different place such as the Beer Pong Tournament at Belushi’s every Monday. 

The Barceloning Membership Card

All of the partners

Here’s a list of our current partner, take note that the company is in a constantly getting new partners and better deal as our community grows stronger. 

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